4 Things That Can Help Minimize Mobile Phone Radiation

Mobile phones emit radiation but the amount of radiation can still vary from one phone to another and how it is being used. Here are four crucial things that you need for you to limit radiation exposure.

Researchers haven’t settled yet on how hazardous mobile phone radiation could be to an individual’s health but there had already been released studies that have showed troubling results that it would be worthwhile to minimize a person’s exposure to mobile phone radiation.

Currently, there had been not enough government policies and mobile phone regulations that have been implemented around nexus 5x trade in value and its radiation hazards. There had been regulations and legal limits that has been set on the amount of radiation mobile gadgets can emit. But the SAR values are not easy to pin down.

What is SAR?

Popular known by its initials SAR, specific absorption rate is a measure used to describe the amount of radiation absorbed by the physiologic body. It is usually measured in watts per kilogram or W/kg. Scientists have test for SAR models with the use of human body models filled with fluids to mimic human cells. The phone is then positioned next to the mould and while it transmits signals, a probe is also placed inside the model to determine the total absorbed energy levels. The mobile phone’s SAR value is also designated as the highest radiation amount determined during the tests.

Determinants for a Mobile Handset’s Radiation Emission Level

A phone’s SAR level is largely known by the design of its antenna and inner hardware components. Since the SAR measures the radiation absorbed by the body, the value is usually determined by the total radiation given off by the phone and the part of the body absorbing it. Here are 4 aspects that can affect your SAR values.


    • Frequency and network. Old mobile units that are being sold today are able to function on different networks at varying frequencies. The same phones can give off different radiation levels depending on which frequency and network is being used at a period of time.
    • Location. The farther you are from a cellular tower, the higher the SAR values.
    • Method of using. A phone emits more radiation when transmitting voice signals compared to texts.
  • Positioning. The farther away a handset is from the body, the lesser radiation you will get. It would be wise to use headsets or do more text messages than voice calls.


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