4 Ways to Turn Your Old Gold Into Custom Jewelry

When gold values are up, there’s no shortage of people looking to buy it straight up. But is that really the right option? If you have an emotional attachment to the piece, or if you just want something better, consider turning that old gold into custom jewelry. Call it recycling, call it repurposing, or call it just plain smart. But, savvy jewelry shoppers across the country are rummaging through their jewelry boxes to find old gold to turn into new custom jewelry. Here are some of the ways you can turn your old gold into custom jewelry.

1. Go the traditional “Cash for Gold” method. Collect all the gold jewelry you have and take it to a place that offers cash for gold. But don’t trust this sale to just anyone! Do a little research to find out who gives the best price. You may be able to find this information online, you may have to call each jeweler, or you might want to take it in for a more accurate estimate. Whatever you choose, before you start comparison shopping, find the going rate per gram of gold by doing an internet search or checking Monex.com. Once you have cash in hand, you now have a budget for your new custom jewelry purchase! Just add the newfound loot to your original budget and you’ll know exactly what you’ll be able to spend.

2. Consider a trade-in program. If the end goal is to create a unique piece of custom jewelry manufacturer, you’ll probably get the best deal at your local jeweler. They’ll often offer trade in deals for credit towards in-store purchases and design services! So wherever you intend on going to have your custom jewelry made, that’s where you’ll want to trade in your gold.

3. Repurpose old gold into new custom jewelry. If your gold is in good condition, you may be able to have the jeweler melt it down in order to create an entirely new piece. Before you even start talking about gold prices, bring the jewelry to the store to find out whether repurposing is an option. If the jeweler says it is, your next conversation will be about how much your old gold is worth and how much it’ll take off the price of your custom piece.

4. Keep the old gold intact and create something new. Let’s say you have a pendant that has been passed down through many generations. You want to proudly display the piece, but you never (ever) wear necklaces. Don’t fret. There are ways to blend your family treasure and your jewelry-wearing habits. Just consider turning that pendant into a ring, a broach, or an ankle bracelet! You can think of it as putting your own personal spin on a family heirloom. After all, what’s the point in having an heirloom that isn’t treasured?

So those are your many options if you’re considering what to do with your unloved gold jewelry. Sure, you could just take the cash and run, but it might be more fun to create something that will be uniquely yours. Not only is this kind of recycling good for the environment, but it’s also easy on the wallet. Maybe you can turn your old gold into an important piece of custom jewelry, such as a wedding ring or a sacramental keepsake cross for your child’s holy communion, or maybe you’ll just create a stunning one-of-a-kind statement piece that will surely be the envy of all your friends. Whatever you decide to do with your old gold, you’ll know that it served a purpose other than just putting some spare change into your pocket. It was recycled into a shiny new piece of custom jewelry.


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