A Secret Forex Binary Trading Strategy That You Can Use Immediately

I have been testing a binary trading strategy for 6 months now and I have consistently been making USD 20 per day.

I’d like to show you how this strategy works because I feel that it’s my way of contributing back to the universe. I believe in giving back because in karma, the more you give, the more you shall receive live trading signals. We truly live in a world of abundance and there is more than enough money for everyone to benefit from. Because when you make money, you will have more time to help others to make this world a more comfortable home.

Here is the setup of the strategy:

1. Go to your Forex trading platform. Make sure your platform has a binary trading feature. If your current platform doesn’t have that feature, you can learn how to get it in my site below.

2. Take out the daily chart of the EUR/USD.

3. Now in the daily chart, call out the following technical indicators.
a) Stochastics
b) Williams percentage range

4. Now based on my research of lagging indicators. I noticed that for most of the time, when the stochastics are oversold below the 20 level, the price of the Euro/USD would move up to the 80 level and hold it’s price.

5. If the Williams percentage range is also moving up in favor with the stochastics, it will confirm that the daily price of the pair would hold.

6. Now go to the Eur/USD ladder feature and buy the last rung of the ladder that says that the Eur/USD would be above the closing price of the candle stick. Buy when the binary is at about USD 80.

7. By 4am Singapore time, the ladder would close at USD100 and you would be paid USD20. Usually it would take 16 hours for this to work but in trading, you get paid for patience.

Now this strategy may sound very technical to beginners but I assure you if you have gone through the basics of fForex binary trading in Power Capital Pte Ltd Kishore M’s course, you will be very familiar on what I have just explained here. Besides, you can also test this forex binary strategy out in a demo account first before using real money.


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