Baby and Children’s Jewelry Gifts – Traditional or Modern?

One important fact I’ve learned is that everyone has different taste in jewelry. Often, people want traditional jewelry for babies, but are prepared to try more contemporary jewelry for older girls and teenagers. Grandparents, in my experience, seem to prefer to buy traditional baby bracelets, baby bangles and baby brooches for their baby granddaughters. For older children, grandparents generally, might choose gold bracelets and earrings, gemset jewelry and pearls as in children’s earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Some Aunties, friends and Mothers often even buy boys’ jewelry for their baby boys, which is a new trend, taking off quite rapidly.

But as a baby and children’s jewelry retailer, it would be unwise to not include a range of quirky, contemporary, colourful and cute items for those who like it, as I certainly do. I call it baby bling and toddler trinkets. It photographs beautifully, with it’s colourful crystals and enamelling and looks gorgeous on little girls. Currently, the ultimate baby bling on the site would be the 9ct gold rabbit stud earrings. These have a high level of cuteness as baby earrings. We also have the 9ct gold baby stud earrings for the more traditional tastes – the gleam of gold on a tiny lobe is hard to beat. Alongside the rabbits, we have exquisite sterling silver butterfly earrings for babies and children, dragonfly earrings, bee earrings, ladybugs in bright enamelled red, stunning on little girls. We have sparkling crystal and sterling silver hearts, tiny enough for a baby but also the perfect children’s earrings.

The occasion of the gift-giving tends to have a bearing on our choices. A baby Christening gift or Baptism gift might be a pearl necklace with a pearl cross, a silver baby charm bracelet with a sterling silver cross, a pearl baby bracelet with attached angel charm, or our gorgeous Austrian crystal, pearl and rose quartz bracelet for older babies and little girls. For a birthday or Christmas gift, the choice is more contemporary such as our bright cupcake earrings for babies and little girls – they are sterling silver with enamelling and very cute. Then we have the black, white and yellow sterling silver penguin children’s earrings, the bright pink and blue flower earrings, tiny enough anklets for the tiniest baby. Also in this category would be the striped bee earrings, the sterling silver bumble bee earrings, and the gold plated sterling silver honey bee earrings. And of course the butterfly earrings in gold, silver, pink crystals and blue crystals which look stunning on. All these earrings are made especially for children, with short rods and firm back-nuts. Also in this category are the hoop earrings, gold and silver sleeper earrings and the butterflies on hoops. All very high on the cuteness scale.

Baby bracelets and small children’s bracelets are also available in this category. The contemporary flower charm bracelets, hand enamelled in Italy, the ladybug bracelets, which match the ladybug earrings, the mauvey-enamelled bear charm bracelet and the flower/bear charm bracelet, all made in Italy on sterling silver rolo bracelets, are the ultimate in contemporary children’s jewelry. Other contemporary bracelets for babies and children are our zoo bracelet with nature’s critters as charms, our single pink flower bracelet, and our brilliant red and yellow flower charm bracelet, recently declared the ultimate in gorgeous children’s jewelry, by a friend who loves traditional baby and children’s jewelry. The popular children’s charm bracelet with a bounty of choice in charms would fall into this category though of course, charm bracelets have been popular for generations, but are currently popularly revived thanks to Thomas Sabo, Pandora, Links of London and Tiffany.

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