Bar Table Or Bistro Table – Which Should I Choose?

Many people lump both bistro and bar tables into one category under the heading of bar table, this is understandable because they both serve the same basic purpose. However, when shopping for a specific model for your home using this term interchangeably can sometimes lead to confusion and frustration. To make matters even worse, there is a third type known as the Pub table that is often lumped under the heading of bar table as well. In order, to help you find the exact table you want for your home you need to know the difference between these three different types.

Bar tables are about 40 to 42 inches high, the same height as most bars. They are usually relatively small & intimate sitting two to four people. While traditionally made from wood, bar tables now come in a variety of materials and styles that look great in a breakfast nook or a small dining area as well as a family or game room.

Bistro tables are round and they take up very little floor space and usually have a bit of an old fashioned air about them. They can either be bar height or regular height depending on the type of table you choose. Bistro and bar tables can be used anywhere for creating a nice ambiance for an entry way. Some types of bistro tables with a single bar stool have been used to add an elegant touch to large bathrooms. Outside versions of the bistro table also look great on a patio or deck or beside your pool. Bistro tables and bar stools also tend to have more flourish than do either the pub or bar table.

Pub tables like bistro tables can either be bar height or regular table height. These tables can range in size from small intimate tables that seat two or four people to large tables that can hold eight to dozen people. Most tables were traditionally made of wood but now can be made from a variety of material.

Each style of table has their own special charm and which type you decide on will depend a great deal on your own personal taste and the space you want to place it. Homeowner who want a small table in their game room often choose a bar table and sturdy stools as these tables are not only small but make tables to enjoy drinks, snacks or play games. Pub tables often make great additions to the large country kitchen as they traditionally provide more seating than the others.

Bistro tables seem to be easily adaptable to a variety of places in the home and make great looking conversation pieces as well as adding warmth and charm to any room they are in.

If you are looking for a table for your deck or patio then you are not limited to just one choice. There are bar tables made of wrought iron and granite that look great on either a patio or deck where a bistro table with an umbrella can give an old world charm to your patio and a wicker or glass top bistro table looks perfect on that deck.

One thing you want to make sure of is that unless you are purchasing your bar or bistro table as a set with accompanying bar stools you are going to need to find the right stools to match your tables. Keep in mind that bar stools come in various heights so you are going to want to have the right height stool for the table you choose. Your best bet is to measure the bar stool to make sure it is the right height. You want to have between 9 and 13 inches between the top of the stool and the bottom of the table.


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