Changing the Way You View Yourself With Esthetics

Not too happy with what you are seeing in the mirror these days? Is your skin drab and droopy? Do you have too many crow’s feet around your eyes and on your forehead to count? Contacting a Clinical Esthetician might be something you should look into. If the thought of seeing someone who is not a certified medical doctor, you will be happy to know that professional Estheticians are working closer than ever with people in the medical profession. Many physicians today are requiring that estheticians have a higher level of education than is necessary to receive a state license. Many Clinical Estheticians are choosing to receive an additional 300 hours of training that is focused on advanced skills, state of the art products and a more thorough understanding of the history of the skin. The safety and well being of an Esthetics client is best served when Clinical Estheticians receive more thorough training than is usually provided.

When deciding which treatment will work best for your skin, it is important to meet with a reputable licensed Clinical Esthetician to discuss what options are out there that is going to make you feel like a better, brighter you, but in the safest way possible. If the creases in your forehead and around your eyes and mouth are big problem areas for you, you might want to look into the benefits and procedure of Botox. Clinical Esthetics Advanced Aesthetics School Virginia offers the latest technology in beauty enhancements. Although the treatments offered by Clinical Esthetics are non-surgical, it is a medical procedure, and therefore, you should trust your beauty in the hands of a medical doctor. If you don’t wish to go to a medical doctor for treatment and want a minimally invasive procedure done to your skin, look into Microdermabrasion. The vacuum stimulation alone from microdermabrasion has been known to encourage blood circulation and the production of collagen. The aggressive removal of the top layer of the skin also prompts the growth new collagen and the rebirth of new and younger looking skin. Working on creases and, expression aging can diminish greatly the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as these areas have a tendency to gather thicker layers of skin that increase the visual appearance of aging. Microdermabrasion especially is good for under the eyes and crow’s feet. Full facial microdermabrasion treatments average about $125. Microdermabrasion treatments can be performed in minute.. Treatments usually are performed in series of four to six treatments. You will have approximately one treatment every 10-15 days.

Although the medical practitioner and Clinical Esthetician usually come from opposite points of view, more harmony in their goals are being found than ever before. Savvy Clinical Estheticians understand that non-invasive treatments never will replace the need for traditional plastic surgery. Medical professionals, however, are also realizing maintaining or regaining a youthful appearance can be preserved and savored for as long as possible with non-invasive treatments.



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