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This is precisely what had really motivated Sony Ericsson to come up with the Satio, equipped with the 12 mega pixel camera. However, before Sony-Ericsson’s dream could become reality, Samsung made a quick move science and technology and started the production of the Pixon12 mobile phones powered by a 12mega pixel camera, auto focus and other powerful photography-related specs like Xenon flash.

Undeniably it was Sony Ericsson that had come up with this brilliant concept of taking the resolution of cameras of the mobile phones to a next level. Even the last time, Samsung was the first one to release an 8MP camera, and they’ve done it again in style. The Pixon12 is expected to hit the European market sometime by the end of next month.

However, Sony-Ericsson apparently can’t simply compete with the pace of Samsung, and has the Satio scheduled for release by the end of fourth quarter or so. Quite obviously frustrated after being outsmarted with Samsung’s quick moves, now Sony-Ericsson plans to add on some more goodies to the Satio, which will not be disclosed until the launch.

12mega pixel powered Samsung Pixon 12 will also provide you with WiFi, 3G and BlueTooth connectivity for file transfers and internet browsing, and it will be the latest addition to the touch-screen line up of Samsung.

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