Cultured Marble Countertops – Everything You Need To Know

A viable alternative to real and expensive Marble for use in countertops for the bathroom is called Cultured Marble. This is a man-made substance that is nothing more than a resin that gives the look and feel of natural Marble stone when used.

This is a resin based liquid that is mixed and then poured into a mold which then hardens into the countertop that will be used in a bathroom or kitchen. It is a very non-porous material, so they will not easily stain or mildew and will also cost much less than a traditional Marble slab.

Cultured Marble Countertops are typically polished to a high gloss, although they can be ordered in more of a flat or matte finish if you are looking for that style or presentation. This type of slab will look more like an older type of stone if you desire to have that look.

Another thing that is nice about Cultured Marble Marble Countertops Sarasotais that you can actually get them made with the sinks molded right into the top so that there is a seamless look. This is great for bathrooms and will yield a very high-end look at a modest price.

Cultured Marble Countertops are very easy to install and keep clean,making them a great choice for do-it-yourself projects and for people that prefer to spend more time enjoying their home than fixing it up and cleaning it.

Since each top is made individually, there are no two that are alike, so the marble pattern, also called the veining, is going to vary from top to top. You can also order them in a solid color without the traditional veining, so that you will end up with more of an onyx style or two-tone style that might fit better with your decor.

The biggest problem is that they tend to scratch up much more easily than the real thing.As a result, they are generally a bad idea when used in an area like the kitchen where the heavy use of hard items can cause problems. The constant movement of pots and pans that occur on the kitchen, will cause irreparable damage to the countertop and cause premature replacement of the countertop. For this reason, they make a great dress up for a bathroom area because they are inexpensive and truly show off the area.

Most of the Cultured Marble Countertops that you get will come with a three to five year limited warranty. This is a far cry from the life expectancy of a true granite or marble piece, which can easily last beyond your lifetime and still retain the beauty that it had on the day it was installed.

The final use, the needed life expectancy and the overall availability of funds will likely be the determining factors in your final choice of a countertop for your needs.


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