Finding the Best Deal This Shopping Season

The holiday season will soon be here. You don’t even need a calendar to know this – you can simply tell by the number of ads in your Sunday newspaper.

Yes, everyone and their brother are pushing their products in hopes that they will get your business by having you shop at their place.

So with all these stores advertising so much stuff, how do you know where or how to get the best deal in the most efficient amount of time. This is a long way of saying you could go store to store to store comparing prices and items and after a few hours of comparison shopping you finally decide on something, when you realize that you only saved a few dollars after spending a whole day shopping. Not a very good way to spend your precious time during a holiday season.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you start your holiday shopping.

As stated above, it is good to Caregem coupon shop around, but there is a limit on how much of this you want to do. A little preparation beforehand goes a long way.

If you are looking for a specific item, make sure to take along the model number, manufacturer and other details about the item you want. This is one way stores get you. They say they will match their competition on any product, but, it has to be the exact same model or item, and, as you probably can guess, this very seldom happens when multiple stores carry the same identical make and model of a particular item. It happens, but more often than not, it doesn’t.

Before you leave home, check the ads again. Make sure the store actually has what you want. If you know exactly what you want, call ahead and see if they have it in stock. Sometimes they sell out and sometimes some stores may not even carry what is advertised in a flyer.

Weigh the costs of traveling all over the city to save a few dollars to buying the same item, for a little more, at your local merchant. Your time and gas are worth something so consider it when doing a lot of shopping.

More and more stores are offering price matching., i.e., they will match the price of an identical item advertised at a competitor and give it to you at the lower price. While this sounds good, it sometimes is, but again you need to know the fine print and policies of this policy.

If you are computer savy, check out the online stores. There are a bunch of sites who compare prices between stores (although they might be online stores) Then again, sometimes the merchant’s web site will have their actual store prices of an item. Also as web site technology continues to improve, merchants may also have the actual number of products they have in stock listed on their web site. Lastly, at some merchants, you can order online and have it delivered to your local merchant to which you can go and pick it up.

Things you need to be aware when shopping online like this are the shipping costs. Sometimes you have to pay them and sometimes not. It all depends – but you need to check it out.

Don’t be swayed by “super” deals. Sometimes the merchant will offer “two for one”, or “buy one get something free”. Make sure you really need it. Don’t buy it just because it is free.


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