Five Tips for Finding a Good Hair Salon

Almost everyone has had the experience of a bad haircut or colour – and unfortunately, it’s not always easy to correct, and can leave you feeling disappointed and self-conscious. Likewise a great haircut or colour can make you feel amazing. That’s why it’s important to choose the Best Hair Salon in 90027 for your next haircut or colour. Read on for our tips to help you find the best hair salon in your area!

1. Ask a friend

The best recommendation is one you get from a friend. Ask around to see who your friends go to for their haircut or colour, and if you like how it looks, you may want to give them a try. Just remember to be specific about which stylist you go to – no two hair stylists are the same, even within the same hair salon.

2. Go to someone with experience

Sometimes a hairdresser will cut your hair, but then pass you on to an apprentice to do the colouring. So when you book in to the hair salon, make sure the person who is performing the cut and colour is an experienced hairdresser.

3. Don’t judge a salon based on its appearance

Some of the best cuts and colours come from smaller, quiet salons, and likewise the large, flashy and well-known salons don’t always deliver on their promises. Don’t judge a salon by how it looks – judge it on word of mouth, or by how much experience the hairdressers and colourists have.

4. Bring a photo and be specific

Even when you’ve found a good hair salon, you will need to ensure you get a good haircut or colour on the day. One person’s version of ‘auburn’ can be different from yours, so a picture is the best way to be clear about what you want!

Likewise your hairdresser’s version of a ‘trim’ may be very different from yours. Be specific by saying how much you want trimmed off in centimetres or inches.

5. Know what you want and take baby steps

Sometimes you may feel afraid to speak up about what you want, or you may just be unsure. Whatever you do, don’t trust the hairdresser to make the decision for you – their tastes may be very different from yours, and you’re the one that has to live with the cut and style afterwards. Also, if you’re thinking of making a dramatic change, take baby steps first; try light brown before you go blonde, or try a bob before you go super short!

Remember to choose your hair salon and stylist carefully, be specific, and don’t do anything too dramatic right away, and you’ll get a haircut or colour that you can be proud of.

Salon is a place where magic happens – Christchurch men and women walk in knowing that their hair isn’t looking 110% fabulous, and then meet our stylists who (with a wave of their magic scissors!) transform average cuts into styles that get attention for all the right reasons!


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