Get Ready For School – Reading Tips For Young Kids

Wondering how to help your child get ready for school? Good habits are best formed when kids are young. In the primary years, kids sit on the floor to hear stories read by the teacher from a story book. In the middle and upper primary years, kids are expected to read independently and quietly to themselves as well. Preparing the foundations for good poc astrologer reading habits can begin as soon as your baby can sit up, from six months onwards.

Even before then, propping your baby on your lap with a book often, helps baby to associate holding books with being in a fun, safe environment. After your child is asleep in her cot, leave one or two picture books within reach so that she sees them when she wakes up. This can delay her crying out for you.

She learns very early that books are a fun, interesting companion, especially if one of them squeaks or is tactile made from various materials, or has shiny pictures and shapes that glitter from different angles. The best environment for reading is away from distractions like TV or computer screens. This can be on a designated ‘reading couch’ or bean bag, on a mat or on a bed.

If parents (or carer) are consistently relaxed and unhurried when reading together, kids are likely to follow suit, and remain calm and engaged with their book. Carers reading to kids often – even if only for short periods – prepares kids from a young age to enjoy listening to stories. It helps get them ready to engage with story-time at school.

Encouraging young kids to ‘read’ aloud as well – i.e. tell a story with book in hand while turning the pages – lays fabulous foundations to enjoy quiet reading in the future when they reach middle and upper primary school.


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