How a Reputable Office Mover Protects Your Vital Records

When your business is searching for an office mover for your upcoming move, it’s critical that you do your homework to avoid hiring a mover that doesn’t have the experience and expertise to move your sensitive records while preserving a secure chain of custody. Keep in mind that choosing a mover based primarily on price can result in high costs down the road when you consider the penalties associated with the theft or tampering of your company’s private records.

Selecting a Reputable Mover
By taking some time to find the most reputable Reliable Movers Singapore and records management company you will have taken a huge step towards protecting your company from identity theft and other risks that can cause serious damage to your finances and reputation. Every company’s records include vital information-some of which is confidential-that can only be relocated safely by using a secure and methodical chain of custody process during the entire move.

As you are receiving quotes from moving companies, it is your responsibility to perform your due diligence to ensure you’re hiring a reputable office mover. Here are a few of the most important things to do and consider:

• Research the mover by verifying the company is registered with the Department of Transportation, checking its status with the Better Business Bureau, and reviewing online feedback from previous customers.

• Check to see whether the company has RIM (records and information management) expertise. A regular mover will tell you that it can box up and move your records, but that simply won’t do in today’s increasingly complex world of compliance and legal issues surrounding the proper handling of records. A professional RIM company will be a trusted advisor in not just securely moving your records, but also in providing tips for keeping your records safe and in compliance long after your move. RIM movers stay up-to-date on the latest records and information management best practices so you can be sure all of your company’s critical information is protected.

• Make sure the company offers a variety of moving services that are tailor-made to your business. Using a company that offers office and record moving in one is not only cost-effective, but reduces your liability from hiring multiple movers.

• Check to see how the office mover transports your confidential records. Does the company use cardboard boxes or plastic crates? If so, this is a red flag. The best moving company will move your records with reusable gondolas that are wrapped, sealed, and stamped to preserve the chain of custody and make the process as efficient as possible. You will reduce packing and unpacking time to get back up and running quickly with minimal downtime.

• Inquire about the company’s employee background checks, employee requirements, and how it audits each move to ensure employees are following regulations, laws, and company policies.

Secure Chain of Custody
Your records are at high-risk for theft, tampering, and even loss during a move. Since files are removed from their locked, safe file cabinets, they can be exposed to numerous individuals and unforeseen events along the way. These records belong to your company, not the mover, so you are ultimately liable for their protection and should therefore only consider an office moving company that utilizes a secure chain of custody process.

When hiring a professional office mover that also has records storage and management expertise, look for cues that the company uses sound practice with securing the chain of custody by using methods such as:

• Using locked containers
• Sealing containers in plastic
• Using security seals on top of plastic covers
• Limiting authorization and signature between moves to one or two individuals
• Offering tips to ensure your company is compliant with HIPAA regulations and other federal laws surrounding record moving

Reputable movers will know how to protect your records and not only follow these procedures themselves, but ensure you and your staff follows them throughout the moving process as well. If your new office space is inadequate for storage, consider hiring an office mover that is also a records management firm. These firms can store your files in a secure, off-site location to not only lower your moving costs, but reduce your overhead and liability risks at your new location.


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