How to Have a Creative Brainstorming Session to Fill Your Health or Wellness Practice

Creating an effective Marketing plan for your health or wellness business starts with knowing who your clients are. Your goal should be to find out everything you need to know about your targeted market.

Just jumping out there and doing “it” can lead to a whole lot of headaches without first having a Creative Brain Storming session. So how would you get started in having a brainstorming session to grow your health or wellness business? First, buy a white board, or flip chart. Write out everything you need to know about your potential clients. Know where they like to shop, how much disposable income do they have? Where do they live? Is your targeted market male or female? Young, Middle-aged, or Seniors? What breaks them into those categories? What bothers them or keeps them up at night? Will your health or wellness practice solve their problems? If so, then how?

Say you have an Aromatherapy business. What are the benefits a person would receive from purchasing your products? Well, to start, Cancer patients would benefit from having a product that can help reduce nausea they experience Wellness practices for a healthier life from chemotherapy and increase appetite. Aromatherapy is great for lowering blood pressures by their calming effect when meditating. Last, having aromatherapy products in the home is better on the environment and prevents a person from using store-bought sprays and products that are harmful to people and the environment. If you are a Chiropractor needing to get more clients. Think of joint venture activities you can create with another health or wellness professional. Idea: Have a Personal Trainer schedule Pilate classes on the weekends. How about focusing on extreme sport clients or have a Nutritionist do several weight loss clinics for diabetics. There’s a lot of strategies a person can come up with when you spend some time and effort in developing a business to solve a problem. A Yoga class can also help Chiropractor grow their practice as well.

Are you a Podiatrist looking for more clients to fill your appointment book? Besides having an office or mobile unit, is there a way you could contract with Foot Care Nurses or Home Healthcare Agencies? If you have staff, have them join in on developing a Results Oriented Marketing Plan that they can be apart of too.


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