How to Save Money to Buy a Nintendo 3DS

Let’s face it: technology isn’t getting as cheap as we’d expected. Sure, we’re getting more bang for our buck but devices like the Nintendo 3DS are still selling for well into hundreds of dollars and that doesn’t include the huge library of games which sell for 30-40 each.

The only real options we have is to either turn to a life of crime (not recommended) or become better at saving money so you can sell my nintendo 3DS and the games that you want to play. But don’t worry, I can hear your groans (uh, saving!) and will do my best to make this process as straight forward as possible.


  1. Open a separate savings account. Setup an account with ING Direct, or any other savings account that offers a high interest rate. It’s important to separate your Nintendo 3DS fund from the rest of your money so it’s easier to keep track of your goal.
  2. Save the golden 10%. 10% is the universally accepted percentage of money that should be put in your savings account, and there’s no reason to break tradition. Every time you get paid or a monetary gift from friends or family put at least 10% of it in your savings account. It’s a small amount, but it won’t take long for it to add up to the price of a Nintendo 3DS.
  3. Set a higher goal. Say your 3DS (and all the games you want) will only cost 300 USD. Set a savings goal of $400 or more. This will help you account for unseen expenses, lapses in your income or any other circumstance that may delay your savings. Big, yet realistic goals will serve you well.
  4. Trade in your old games. Trading in your old games and hardware never gets you a great deal, but at times you can get decent savings for using store credit. The alternative is to sell old games on eBay, but then you have to deal with shipping, listing fees and no guarantee that you’ll make a sale. Trade-ins at video game stores is probably the most reliable way to save enough money to buy a Nintendo 3DS.


It doesn’t take much effort to save enough money to buy a Nintendo 3DS. And of course, with the endless amount of great deals available on sites like Amazon or Nintendo 3DS Deals you shouldn’t have much trouble saving a buck or two.


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