How to Treat Achilles Tendonitis by Wearing Customised Insoles in Your Running Shoes

Hard, flat surfaces and footwear passivize the muscles in our feet. A passivized muscle do not give the correct support for the arches and as a consequence the feet is not kept in a correct position. A Custom insoles Singapore in your running shoe can partly solve the problem. Overpronation is by far the most common foot malposition. With overpronation, the foot rotates too far medially (inwards) while walking. Overpronation may be detected by pronounced wear on the instep side of shoe heels.

The easiest step for you to find out if you are overpronating is to ask a friend of yours to have a look at your running style from behind. Overpronation is very easily recognized. You can practice on your own by looking at other runners during your training sessions. Another easy way is to visit a shop for running shoes where they use a camera and a treadmill for analyzing your running technique. If you only have a light overpronation the problem might be solved by better shoes giving the right support. My experience is that the combination of good shoes with a customised insole provides the best result.

Insoles tailored specifically for your feet ensure that your footwear fits perfectly and is comfortable. Moreover, they will prevent future occurrences of foot malpositions. Using customized insoles is of crucial importance especially if your feet or lower back tire easily or if you experience pain in your foot, ankle, knee, hip or lumbar region.

Where do I find a supplier?

Search on Google for the keyword “Customised Insoles”.

Are they expensive?

Traditionally, customized insoles cost 120 to 200 euros and take one to two weeks to manufacture. I have found suppliers taking less than 100 euros where the foot analysis is free of charge and where the molding of the insoles only take about eight minutes from start to finish. Just spend some time searching on the internet and you will most probably find a local dealer close to you.

Remember. Reading will not solve your Achilles Tendonitis problem. Take action now!


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