Important Business Card Design Guidelines

Business or name cards are important to attract potential clients. With this small piece of card, it has the power to initiate or break future projects or contracts. Therefore, the business card design plays an important role to draw attention and create good first impressions to your clients. It serves as a representation of your business for future interactions with potential clients.

To be able to create a good and effective card, there are several important and basic guidelines you must follow.

1. Important information such as name 環保卡片, address, contact numbers, email addresses, nature of business and logo must be clearly displayed and readable. Avoid using flowery and too many words.

2. The business card design does not take too much space causing it to look very cluttered and messy. The messy and disorganized card will not be taken notice by potential customers.

3. Common and standardized fonts must be used in the business card

4. Avoid using colors that are able to blend together. This may cause the wordings on the business card to be unclear. Use colors that contrasts with each other to create a clearer view of the words on your card.

5. If possible, add extra information such as maps and the location of your business in case your potential customer might want to look around.

6. Always use the standard size for card. With this, the card can be stored and kept into your client’s wallet or card holders.

7. If possible, use high quality printing and durable paper and for your cards. Bad quality material can cause it to be torn and fade easily

Whichever business card design you intend to implement on your card, just make sure you follow these basic rules and guidelines in order to draw potential clients.

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