Is a Toll Free Phone Number Right For Your Business?

Ever wonder why those late night commercials have catchy toll free phone numbers like 1-800-MAKE-ME-RICH? Simply put, it works. Not the name, but the number itself. The phone number isn’t a sales trick, but helps the consumer to remember the company as well as the product. Some companies have become so dependent on the Internet that they have neglected to see the power in having a toll free phone number. It can increase business, empower your customers and boost productivity.

When and Why Should I Consider a Toll Free Phone Number for my Business?

When a company begins using a toll free, or otherwise known as an 800, number is completely left to their discretion. Size isn’t important and neither is the company’s current condition. For instance, Company A is a self-employed individual, who runs a business alone, and is never at the office. The entrepreneur would like to stop receiving calls on his mobile phone and, instead, have an 800 vanity numbers that will allow him to choose which calls are forwarded to his cell. On the other hand, Company B has over 50 employees and now realizes incorporating a toll free phone number into its communications would ultimately save money and make business run more smoothly. Both companies can reap the benefits of having an 800 number.

There are numerous reasons why a company would want to have a toll free phone number. They enable businesses to appear more responsible and reliable to the consumer. The business, along with its product, will stand out. Having an 800 number is perfect for customer support and customer satisfaction.

Features and Benefits of a Toll Free Phone Number

It’s easy. Besides increasing the flow of business, acquiring a toll free phone number is simple. They are available through telephone service companies and a number of providers online.

Consumer savings. Not only can an 800 number be beneficial to the business, but also to the consumer. Phone calls are free for the customer. When a consumer knows that he or she will not be charged for something, then he or she will be more inclined to pick up the phone and give it a try.

Convenience. No consumer wants to go through loop holes to get what he or she wants. Having a toll free phone number is an easy and convenient way for customers to receive help and information concerning a particular product or service. In addition, some consumers would prefer to speak to an actual person as opposed to entering personal information online. So for some, an 800 number provides peace of mind.

Call forwarding. No two businesses are the same. Some operate from a brick and mortar office. Others work with a dispersed work force. Some companies require employees to work outside the office during regular business hours. With a virtual 800 number, calls can be forwarded to any location – business phone, home phone, cell phone. A business and its employees can work more efficiently and be more productive when not tied to their desk for fear of missing a call.

Accessibility. With a toll free phone number, the customer will feel secure knowing help is only a (free) phone call away. Being available whenever needed builds customer rapport and generates new business.

Portability. If the business decides to switch telephone companies, the number goes with it. This is very important if the company has a “vanity” number. (A vanity number is personalized to fit the company. It can be a slogan or the company name.) This portability is made possible by the FCC. The FCC, or Federal Communications Commission, is an organization providing guidelines for toll free numbers. Although the FCC has nothing to do with what goes on in the forefront, it offers security in the background.

Faxing. Many 800 numbers allow for faxing to the same number as well. Because toll free numbers are not limited to the number of calls they can receive at one time, like a local number, faxes and calls can be coming in at the same time without anyone getting a busy signal.

Although over 1/3 of the United States population has Internet accessibility, many people will simply use this service to find a phone number instead of placing an order online. Although a toll free phone number is not required, it is definitely a smart addition to any business. Most importantly, it’s easy to obtain and offers elements of convenience and peace of mind to the consumer.



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