IT Staffing Services And Attrition

IT staffing solutions are an important service. It is no exaggeration to state that the biggest benefits of this service are IT businesses. Companies face stiff competition and there are dangers of losing the best employees to competitors. The best techniques to motivate employees, reward schemes and salary increments are of no use, most times. An alternative is to avail the services of organizations offering IT staffing services. This helps in dealing with attrition, an important problem in the IT industry.

Companies offering IT staffing solutions provide contract employees to clients. One of the benefits of this mode of engagement is that companies need not pay severance packages, while retrenching contract employees. Moreover, contract staffing services usa agreements are for fixed periods only. Other advantages of temporary contract employment are that it helps the company’s key personnel to concentrate on business-crucial activities. Temporary staffing is a multimillion dollar industry. IT staffing services are a less risky and a convenient option, especially when companies establish presence in newer markets. IT staffing solutions can also be customised to the requirements of individual clients.

There are several advantages of contract staffing. The HR and finance personnel need not attend to additional contract employees. Some firms operate contract employees from their offices, instead of their client’s office. This saves phenomenally on administrative, transport, management cost and efforts. This increase cost savings and shareholders wealth and reduces the headcount of permanent employees. During volatile economic conditions, it can tackle budget and head-count freezes. This works best for short-term projects. Contractors are entitled to the basic working and employment conditions of employees on permanent payroll, after continuous employment of 12 weeks. In case the contractor is working with the client for several fixed terms (after terminations and renewals of the respective terms), the sum total of weeks served should be twelve.

Contract employees have not completely curtailed the problem of attrition in the IT industry. For instance contract employees may quit the organisation at short notice, unlike employees on permanent payroll. In the absence of orientation by the staffing company (which is the case on most occasions), contract employees will not be able to deliver properly. Moreover there may not be effective knowledge transfer. Contract employees may not be loyal or accountable to the organisation that they serve. This can impact negatively on performance of the project and the quality of their work. Since, they don’t have to adhere to relieving formalities like permanent employees; there may not be an effective handover. The company may also lose the business knowledge and control with the exit of these employees.

IT staffing firms are not necessarily the best choice for contracting needs. It is better to seek the services of an IT outsourcing firm that provides staffing solutions. These firms will be able to supply resources with specialist skills, from their global talent pool. They will partner with clients and supply their resources to work along with the employees of the client. This will lead to effective knowledge transfer.


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