Learning Behaviors – Self-Subversion to Propensity in Learning

Self-subversion is the ability to learn from experiences and events. This learning influences our way of life. When we try out new things for the first time, we are scared. For example, when you started to swim for the first time, were you not afraid of drowning? However, today, you are a good swimmer and this has been possible because you learned to overcome your fear of drowning.

All of us learn from experiences. By analyzing our reactions to a particular incident, we can explore and discover new aspects of ourselves. You were able to overcome the fear of drowning when you learned to swim. By digging deeper into how you actually went about it can help you to analyze the way you think and react. You can use the results of this analysis to overcome other fears that you have.

Numerous events happen around us all the time. Apart from experiences, we can learn from these events too. We get to know these events either by seeing it in person, or watching it in TV or reading it or from the internet ABM tools. These events also have a profound impact in the way we think. We can analyze our views and reactions to each of these events and this may give us a different and unknown insight of ourselves. We have a propensity to learn from these events.
Social issues that affect us each day surround us. Some of the issues are poverty, racism, crime and abuse. These issues relate to us in more than one ways and this has an indelible effect on our behavior.

There are more negative than positive events happening today. With a lot of violence and sex happening around us, we tend to be influenced by these. However, we can avoid being influenced from negative happenings by consciously forcing ourselves to accept and follow only the positive aspects, and ourselves. If for example, you see a shooting on your way back home, you must not be influenced and resort to shooting the following day. You can consciously make an effort to learn something positive from it. This can be achieved by exploring the cause and effect of the shooter’s behavior and applying the same to ourselves. You should be able to reiterate to yourself that this is not right and it should be avoided

Many negative events are broadcast on the television. We can ensure that the influence of this is minimal on us. We can both analyze the cause-effect of a particular happening and strive consciously to make sure that we do not repeat it or we can avoid the entire happening by switching off the TV. Switching off the TV also requires a conscious effort.

In the process of evaluating our reactions to events, we are also minimizing the influence of the external world on our behavior. We intentionally learn and realize the ill effects of these happenings and move away from it.

The subliminal mind is slowly tuned to accept only positive influences and it rejects anything negative. This is possible by gathering the bits and pieces of your experiences, fears and reactions from the mind and weaving them into a full picture.


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