Magic for Kids – How to entertain children with magic

Kids are one of the biggest fans of magic tricks and of course magic is an important part of parties and get-togethers that can make parties more lively and fun. If you want to entertain your kids with lots of magic, you can actually find lots of magic online.

But make sure they aren’t performing some very old magic tricks that you may have seen a hundred times already and maybe even see on some TV. Besides, if you’re hired to do Virtual Magician tricks for kids, remember that you’re not only impressing the kids, you’re also impressing the adults as well. Of course, they are the ones who can introduce or recommend you to other parties, which means more income.

In fact, if you want to impress your kids, you need to keep in mind some important tricks to pass magic tricks and make a good impression.

Choose magic tricks that are suitable for children. It is recommended to avoid anything involving knives or fire. Safe tricks to entertain children can be coin tricks using common things you see at parties, such as plastic cups, spoons, sticks, handkerchiefs, balloons, soda cans and many others. Cards are popular props for magic tricks, but especially young children may not appreciate them.

You can also use ice cubes, rings and animals. Tricks involving animals can always scare children, so you can use rabbits, pigeons or butterflies in your tricks. Even simple but surprising tricks like bending a spoon, tearing and restoring paper can be great magic tricks for kids.

You can also use bright colors and different shapes for your magic props to further attract children’s attention. Optical illusions can work for children too.

Keep your tricks short. Children have short attention spans and may not pay attention to the next trick if they don’t like it. The magic of making objects disappear and reappear is one impressive magic you can share with them. Jumping paper clips, jumping rubber bands… There are actually a lot of magic you can share with your kids.

When performing for children’s parties, the entire magic show must be rehearsed, taking into account the time to prepare the tricks and the time to switch from one trick to another. Matching the costume and performance of the character you want to direct can also be effective.

Incorporating the story into a series of magic tricks for kids adds more entertainment value to the show. Of course, kids love stories and besides being entertaining, these stories will help you with your magic by distracting them from your sneaky moves.

It’s actually fun to make kids laugh and enjoy magic. So, if you like to entertain others with your magic, make sure you have mastered the magician’s craft very well.

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