Make Your Loved Ones Feel Special With a Hot Air Balloon Ride

When you have to think of gifting your loved ones with something special, you are always in a fix. You are really not sure what will be a perfect gift to express your emotions or feeling to the other person saying that you simply love them or care for them. All sorts of material gifts like clothes, accessories, jewelry, bikes, cars, house-hold appliances and decorations is all that comes to our mind. But this will be more like a regular gift and sometimes you want to give much more than just material riches.

Imagine it is your parents 25th wedding anniversary or they are celebrating their 50th birthday, you want to give them much more than just material gifts? What if you are ready to propose to your girl for marriage, you will definitely look for more than a candle light dinner and a ring? There are some moments that will last forever and cherishing such moments is wonderful. A hot air balloon ride can be a perfect gift for your loved ones.

You can contact your nearest Hot air balloon rides station and book for the number of people you would want to take for a ride. It really depends; you can at times take three, four and even more people in a single ride. The bigger the balloon and basket the more the people it can carry. The pilot or the crew chief will lead you to the destination where the balloon is inflated and the burner is fired. The hot air balloon then is launched and you start ascending into the air. The balloon might rise to about 500 to 1000 feet above the ground and you can view the beautiful earth covered with trees, grass, mountains and rivers below. It is an amazing experience when you are floating in the air, above the ground but just below the clouds. The complete ride in the hot air balloon is about an hour long and it takes a total of three hours from the start to the end of the episode. If the pilot allows you, you can even pilot the balloon for some time when in the air. When you land you are served with Champagne to celebrate safe landing according to the French tradition.

If you are planning the trip for youngsters in your family or friends, you can get a little more adventurous and plan a glider ride. This too is fun and very exciting. The glider can help you fly in the air and you can feel just like a bird soaring high up in the sky. The pilot can be accompanied by either one or two people. The flight in the air is for about an hour and you can enjoy the scenic beauty and a calm and peaceful moment up in the air. The entire glider flight makes you feel like you are a bird and you can feel the breeze all over you.


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