Pacific Palms” Men’s Hawaiian Shirt

Take advantage of the following color mixing solutions to shine a spotlight on your outfit: Blue and orange/yellow, lime and pink, lime and orange. Last but not least, don’t underestimate skirts patterned with vibrant and funny figures. A touch of hibiscus, dolphin and turtles is more than enough to make your outfit pop.

Mix with an undershirt

It is apparent that a Hawaiian shirt cannot do the same job as a windbreaker, but wearing it as a substitute for jackets is not a bad idea. Many people have realized the secret behind this: Not only to give more details and highlights but also to cover your skin and partially prevent yourself from the sunlight impacts.

“What to wear under a Hawaiian shirt?” you may ask. The best combination would be to wear it over a solid color tee, preferably black or white. This will help your hawaiian shirts for men shine and become the center of attention.

Slay With Layers

There is a wide variety of ways to layer up, but most people would opt for a basic tee, a Hawaiian shirt, and blazer, or sweater/denim jacket – the most iconic style for a summer-fall transformation. This is also how to wear a Hawaiian shirt in the winter – just add a black or white tight sweater underneath your aloha shirt.

Wanna try something less bulky? Wear an extremely oversized Hawaiian shirt outside and improvise a new faux dress for yourself with a belt. Add a short (if necessary) and other accessories like a headband and waist bag to spice up a little bit.

Are Hawaiian shirts still in style in 2021? They definitely are! We hope that you find these tips helpful and let you rock your Hawaiian shirt with pride.

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