Painted Wall Murals For Your Home Or Business by Muralist Artist David James Fleck

Even though murals in all different techniques and sizes, painted on the ceilings of the caves and walls and windows of buildings, have been around since prehistoric times, the painted wall murals are just as popular today as they were ever before.

They bring an outdoor feeling inside, make dark rooms brighter, waiting rooms at the doctor’s offices calming, murals make nurseries cheerful and private bars exciting. Wall murals can turn the most dull wall in the house into an image of breathtaking view or living room into a fairy garden. Any image that the mural painter can picture in his or her imagination, can be transformed onto a permanent surface indoors or out.

Muralist David James Fleck has made his living as an advertising artist, cartoonist, illustrator, actor, voice over artist and comedian. But the one endeavor that continues to stand out throughout his career – and he is most famous for – are his painted wall murals.

Dave Fleck’s art was chosen to brighten up Kim Basinger’s nursery and later featured on Oprah’s show. He painted all four walls of little boys’ room with dinosaurs, a prominent older client’s private bar with riding cowboys, yet another client’s living space was turned into a fairy land and one baby’s room seems like a blissful oasis in the middle of the sunflower field.

Still other David Fleck’s painted wall murals fans chose an African plain or a jungle, fairy tale characters or super heroes, a window view, scenery, airplanes or a sleeping lion.

All of Dave’s painted wall murals are customized to the taste and budget of the clients that range from the youngest, not yet born, to the oldest private clients, from businesses and restaurants to resorts and hotels.

My brother used the money from the sale of the unwanted abstract painting to find himself another abstract canvas painting.  He ended up with an abstract collage that was made in the late.  I liked it when I saw it and it worked beautifully in his office.

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