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The cooking range is essential to any household; without it, any family will have a hard time enjoying their quality time together at the kitchen table. A cooking range brings versatility to any kitchen, big or small, commercial and residential. A home is not a home without a cooking range.

Ceramic Range Cleaning Tips

Here are some handy suggestions for cleaning ceramic cooking ranges:

* Wait until the panel has cooled before attempting to wipe up spills. This sounds like common sense, but some people focus so much on getting the stain cleaned up that they completely forget about the panel being searing hot.

* Don’t put down soiled pans or pots on the surface. These tend to leave an indelible stain on the ceramic surface.

* Never use abrasive cleansers to clean a ceramic cooking range repair in puyallup as they will leave stains, or worse, cause permanent discoloration of the surface.

Gas & Electric Range Cleaning Tips

Here are some handy suggestions for cleaning gas or electric cooking ranges:

* Wash the drip pans, grids, and reflector bowls with warm soap suds as soon as food or grease is spilled over them.

* Clean the gas burners regularly. Use a fine wire to clear the holes, but never a toothpick as it could break and clog the hole instead of clearing it.

* Remove all control knobs before you try and clean the exterior surfaces of the range.

Don’t hesitate to call for professional assistance in dealing with a broken cooking range, and don’t risk doing any more damage to it, especially if it’s a gas cooking range. Get it fixed immediately.



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