Saltbox Shed Blueprints – A Surprising Solution For a Great Looking Shed

The saltbox shed design is one of the most unusual and interesting looking buildings that you can use to add style and functionality to your outdoor space. Its unique roof shape will allow for a much greater storage area using a small footprint. You can do this because the front of the shed is really two stories and then slopes back to a one story level.

For this type of roof you will be working with some unusual and somewhat complicated wood cuts that can be quite hard to do on your own. This is where a great set of quality saltbox 2 story sheds blueprints come into the picture. My advice is do not plan to build this type of shed with free plans or drawings.

You want these blueprints and designs to definitely help you get your cuts done accurately. So remember, the main thing that can increase the cost of your project is inaccurate measuring and cutting. You do not want to have to repurchase wood because you made a mistake with your calculations.

You will also save on trips to the hardware store because your detailed set of plans comes with a complete materials list. No doubt about it, this type of structure needs to be built by following detailed drawings. Otherwise, you may end up with an unsound building or at the very least one that looks like a do it yourself project rather than a professional job. You know you want the neighbors to be envious of your new saltbox shed.

I am sure you already know that saltbox sheds get their name from the colonial era New England structures. This style is popular even today and these type buildings can add some style and charm to any place you put them in your yard. And remember, the elevated storage area allows you to build in a smaller space but you end up with overall greater square footage.

Since you can put double doors in the front these sheds can be used for larger equipment like lawn tractors, snow mobiles and personal watercraft while still keeping the great architectural look of your structure.

These salt box sheds are a really nice unique design and somewhat of a challenge to build. However most anyone who is a do it yourself builder will be up to the challenge as long as they have a quality set of saltbox shed blueprints.


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