Should I Buy a House Without Central Heating Boilers?

If you are looking to purchase a new residential property, then there is a good chance that you will have looked around some houses which are less than desirable. Unfortunately the best properties may be well out of your price range, so you may have to make a sacrifice. When it comes to purchasing a new house, many people are constrained by the market, and may have to go without some of the things they desired in order to be able to afford a house which is big enough for their needs or which is situated in their desired location. Often, properties without central heating boilers are cheaper than houses which do have a central heating boiler, Cv storing but is it worth being without a proper central heating system, just to save money? The short answer is no, and it can actually be more expensive in the long run to buy houses without central heating boilers, and here is why:

Houses without central heating boilers are actually more likely to get damp, because coldness encourages damp. Fires or portable radiators do not counteract the effects of damp as well as central heating systems do, so they are not an adequate substitute.. Once a property begins to experience the effects of damp, it can be very difficult to reverse these effects, and you may have to spend a lot of money on trying to fix the problem. In addition to damages to the property itself, you may end up noticing the growth of mould and mildew on your soft furnishings as well. Mould can even grow on leather or suede shoes, which will leave them unable to be worn. The spores from these types of fungi can be very bad for children, old people and pets.

Central heating systems are much better for homes than real fires, because real fires can be a huge safety risk. If fires are left unattended, they can easily spit sparks onto the carpet or floor of the property, which could in turn catch light. It is only really advisable to warm a room which you are actually staying in, when using a fire, which means that you will usually be cold when you enter a new room. You should never leave a fire burning in an empty house. Central heating boilers allow you to set a timer, which means that you can begin to heat your home whilst you are out, so that it will be warm by the time you return from work.

Portable radiator systems are also very inefficient, and could therefore end up costing you a lot of money. Although they do have the benefit of being able to be moved to whichever area of the house they are required in, it can be harder for older people to move a portable radiator, than it would be for them to just switch on an integrated heater. Low quality portable radiators are notoriously unreliable and liable to break easily, if knocked over or dropped whilst they are being moved.


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