Steps to Create Fimo Polymer Clay Jewelry

Different beautiful pieces of Jewelry can be made of several different materials, polymer clay is one of them. Many of us are familiar with Polymer clay cutters Jewelry. This is one of the most valuable and fashionable pieces of jewelry that you could buy. Artists have so many options to make a choice. Beads are one of the most preferred typical materials used to make jewelry, but an artist can make glorious jewelry by finding other materials and give a challenging look to his creativity. Polymer clay is the most popular trend in jewelry making which is not same as modeling and pottery clay. It is the mixture of PVC plastic and a plasticizer chemical that makes clay moldable and soft till it is baked. It is utilized with metal to make jewelry and several techniques are available to add more colors to the metal.

Did you know you could make jewelry for yourself? No doubt you are not professional sculptor, but you can do this activity for fun with family, friends and kids. Polymer clay comes in 3 forms, including Fimo, Sculpey and Premo. Former clay is also right for making beautiful beads. Today we will discuss the material needed to create Fimo clay beads:

1. Buy Fimo Clay: First of all buy Fimo polymer clay. You can do this easily by ordering online from your home. Just take time to search right product at the right price. You can see different prices at different stores, If you search properly you will get good Fimo clay at reasonable price.

2. Choose Correct Working Tools: Right tools are necessary to get good results so buy the best Fimo polymer clay tools to make beads such as, sculpting tools, needles, blades, piercing items etc.

3. Quantity: After buying clay cut an ounce of clay on it and roll it between palms to make a long thin piece. You are now trying to remove air in the clay. Fimo clay is good for use once, when you pull the rolls apart, then it can’t cut easily.

4. Baking The Clay: When you buy Fimo Polymer clay try to buy toxic clay because baking nontoxic clay could be more risky due to fumes. Place your oven in the open and ventilated room. Clay has to bake normally about 30 minutes with the 250 degree F to 275 degree F range. Don’t ignore the directions while Baking your clay.


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