The ADHD Test – Just Exactly What is It?

Today there are many categories for ADHD. Trying to fit a person into one category of ADHD such as hyperactive or impulsive is old school. Research reveals that there are different types of ADHD and an attention deficit disorder test must be completed by a qualified therapist. The different types of ADHD can include; the inattentive and disorganized, inattentive and irritable, inattentive with chronic depression, inattentive and impulsive types and each requires a separate type treatment therapy.

First and foremost you must find a mental health professional that can diagnose whether or not you have ADHD in the first place and will perform an attention deficit disorder test. They will look at many aspects concerning your symptoms. When trying to find a professional ask about certification, what the evaluation will entail, how much does it cost and does your insurance cover the evaluation.

An excellent way to find a specialist for an adhd test is to inquire about recommendations from your primary doctor, a therapist or if you are looking for a children’s therapist, other parents with children that have ADHD.

Children and adults alike must show signs of multiple symptoms of impulsivity, hyperactivity or inattention. The ADHD test will encompass to what degree the symptoms bother the person, whether its school, career issues, or problems with relationships.

The therapist will also want to know when the problems started. And, if you are an adult the symptoms must have been active before age seven and the symptoms should have been happening at least six months in duration. If the symptoms do not appear at multiple locations such as home and school, or work and social settings the symptoms are probably not related to ADHD. If none of these key factors are present the professional will not think an ADHD test is needed.

After administering the ADHD test the doctor will more than likely prescribe an amphetamine type prescription drug, perhaps with counseling. If you don’t want to go that route there are a wide variety of alternatives you can try like homeopathic treatments, certain vitamins and changing your lifestyle. Check out your options if you would rather not take amphetamines.


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