The Various Tried and Tested Acne Facial Treatments

Because acne is a skin condition that happens on the body and most especially on the face, acne facial treatments are always sought. There are medicated products for acne and pimples but sometimes these cause irritation, peeling and redness. There are some acne facial treatments that are mild and do not contain harsh chemicals that damage the skin.

Mild Acne Facial Treatments to Try

It is important to cleanse the face so as to remove dust and dirt that develop into acne. There are cleansers available but some of them have strong chemicals that can take away the natural oils of the skin. These cause dryness and irritation. A mild cleanser is needed to gently lather the skin as the first step of acne facial treatments.

After cleansing, it is necessary to treat the face with a medicated cream. Acne breakouts are usually treated by creams with benzoyl peroxide. It is important to use those that have a low concentration of this ingredient. This will lessen acne and prevent any skin irritation. It should be applied generously, spread around the face and allowed to dry.

Choosing a Facial Moisturizer

Moisturizing the face with an oil-free moisturizer is important after putting on a cream with benzoyl peroxide as the latter can dry the skin. The moisturizer should be for sensitive skin and it should not clog pores or stimulate production of acne. It should not have any anti-wrinkle ingredient as this will not go along well with the benzoyl peroxide cream and instead burn the skin.

Effective Natural Acne Facial Treatments

Sixty million Americans are affected with acne. This is due to hormones, stress and environmental reasons. Aside from prescription medication, there are also natural acne facial treatments that are effective to keep the skin clear and acne-free.

Honey is one of the natural ingredients that heal acne and pimples. It has potassium which cures blemishes and kills bacteria that causes acne. Pure honey should be applied directly to the acne for thirty minutes. It should then be rinsed thoroughly.

Tea tree oil is one of the known natural acne facial treatments. It has antiseptic and it becomes more powerful when it is applied on the infected area. Eight parts of water should be mixed with one part of tea tree oil. This should then be applied to the acne blemishes two times daily.

Garlic also helps heal acne and blemishes as it has natural antibiotic. One just has to get its juice and then apply it directly on the acne. This will quicken healing.

There are also people who use apple cider vinegar as one of the effective acne laser hair removal treatments. One part of this should be mixed with four parts of water and then placed on the skin using a tiny ball of cotton. This will stabilize the pH level of the skin and unclog pores.

Another natural ingredient to address acne is witch hazel. This has antioxidants that get rid of toxins on the skin and takes in excess oil which causes acne breakouts. Witch hazel should be used as an astringent every day to control oil production.

Acne facial treatments are effective if they are continuously used. It should not be stopped unless the acne goes away. The acne facial treatments enumerated in this article have been tried and tested to be effective and safe on sensitive skin.


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