What Are The Main Tips To Consider When Selecting A Violin?

You may have decided to learn how to play the violin as a hobby, or you may want your child to take violin lessons to improve his cognitive development. Either way, before you start your violin lessons, you will need to buy your first violin. Whether you live in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia or Philippines, you will benefit from the advice here. Before you look at violins for sale, you will benefit from this article. Here, I will cover the important tips in selecting a violin.

You will need to ask yourself these questions:

1. How motivated are you in wanting to learn to play the violin?

If you have been yearning to start violin lessons for many years, and due to some reason or other did not have the opportunity to do so, then your motivation level to learn to play the music instrument is very high. At the other end, if you are searching for a violin teacher to guide you to play the violin on a whim, this hobby may not last long. Similarly, if your child loves the sound of the markneukirchen violin, and insists on finding a violin teacher in Singapore to teach him to play the violin, then I would say he is very motivated and there is a high chance that he will go on to master advanced violin playing techniques. Conversely, if you force your child to learn to play the violin because you believe that this is good for him, then the success rate is going to be very low. Typically the higher the motivation level, the longer it is that you will carry through what you wish to achieve. So for someone who is very motivated, I recommend selecting an advanced level violin so that you do not need to waste resources upgrading.

If you just want to explore playing the violin for fun, then by all means buy a student level violin.

2. What purpose does the violin serve based on your situation

Secondly, for what purpose do you require the music instrument for? This varies based on individual situation and needs. If you are a beginner with no music foundation, perhaps you should start off with an entry level violin. If you are a seasoned player, they you will require an advanced level music instrument.

On the other hand, if you are looking at the violin as an investment vehicle with a view to appreciation of prices, then antique, hand crafted music instruments by well known violin makers would be your choice.

3. How much are you prepared to pay for your violin?

Finally, what is the budget you have set aside? You should establish this before you check at violin for sale. If your budget is $1000 and above, then you will need to start off with a student grade model. Within this grade, the quality differs as well. Usually the better quality student model violins have better tone quality and are set up with European violin strings, good quality tuning pegs, chin rest and tail piece. Beyond that will be investment grade violins.

As such, to summarize: When selecting a violin, you need to consider motivation, purpose and budget. I hope I have given you some good tips to selecting a violin. Now you need to check out your local violin shop and make use of these tips. Good luck!


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