When Approaching Women In Bars and Clubs Go Direct

If you’ve read any material related to seduction, pickup or dating then you’ve no doubt come across the myriad ways to open a women. There are many out there but they can all be placed into two categories direct or indirect. The vast majority of people go indirect.

Many people will tell you to avoid the direct opener as its high risk and may come across as too pushy this is however bullshit. Before explaining why the direct opener is so important lets examine what exactly going direct means.

A common Direct opener that you may have heard is going up to a girl and telling her she is attractive and that you want to talk to her. What your doing in this opener is simply putting your cards on the table and not making an excuse for talking to her. A common misconception about the direct opener is that you have to tell her that she’s attractive or why you came over to her, by simply introducing yourself by your name you are going direct, you haven’t made an excuse why you wanted to talk to her and therefore your intentions are clear.

Now bars and clubs Brewery Bellingha are social environments, people dress up to make themselves look their best and go out to have fun and possibly attract someone. If you go up to a girl in a bar and start chatting chances are she thinks your hitting on her, doesn’t matter what excuse you made for approaching her, she knows why your there.

Now imagine you go up to a girl with an indirect or opinion opener, she is going to assume (correctly) that your opener is an excuse to talk to her. This immediately marks you down in her eyes, you weren’t man enough to be honest about your feelings and you obviously scared of her rejected you. Straight from opening you have shown two very unattractive qualities.

Secondly sometimes especially in bars and clubs with a high energy going up to a girl with an reason to talk to her is actually inappropriate. They don’t want to waste time on a mundane chat they expect a guy to be upfront if you don’t get to the point expect to be given the cold shoulder pretty quickly.

Now I’m not saying that opening indirect or using opinion openers in bars and clubs doesn’t work. Just that you are making things harder for yourselves by doing them, she knows why you’re talking to her, so why make excuses.

By talking to her direct you’re showing that you are confident, driven and your not afraid of being rejected.


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