A Useful Tip For a Good Fundraising Idea

I recently came across one of the best sources online to find a good fundraising idea. I was not even aware of this site at the time and actually found it quite by accident. So, if you’re looking to raise money for your church or school or whatever type of charitable organization you might just find this little tip a real lifesaver.

An accidental search
As I was searching for some ideas on an upcoming fundraising websites, I discovered in the search engines that many other people were asking questions about fundraisers too. This led me to a site were people pose questions on various subjects, and get answers. On this site many people had asked questions about how to raise money for a cheerleading squad or a football team or whatever.

Highly qualified people
Upon visiting the Yahoo answers site, I was amazed at how many helpful suggestions and tips I found for raising money. Many of the answers came from very well-qualified people that actually spend much of their time answering questions on this site.

Save time and money
Rather than spend money on books and other programs looking for a good fundraising idea you just might be able to find some really good solutions to your next fundraiser on the answer sites available online. Of course these sites have many other solutions that you can find on just about any problem, you can think of, but this is just a great tip that you might be able to use and save you money on your next fundraiser.


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